Desktop CYBER Emulator

Desktop CYBER (DtCYBER) emulates a range of Control Data Corporation CYBER mainframes and peripherals in software.

DtCYBER is a high-performance software emulation running on a modern Windows or Linux host. The emulator provides past users of CYBER mainframes with an accurate emulation of all aspects of the legacy hardware. All CDC operating systems and application software run unmodified on modern hardware. Performance of the emulation on an average desktop PC is better than on legacy hardware.

DtCYBER emulates the following mainframe types:

DtCYBER emulates the following subsystems:

DtCYBER emulates the following peripherals and associated controllers:

The emulation has been verified on the following CDC operating systems or maintenance/diagnostic systems:

DtCYBER does not run NOS/VE which requires virtual mode available only on CYBER 180s.

Note: No CDC operating system is included with DtCYBER. Users must supply their own OS installation tapes to make use of the emulator. Please contact Tom Hunter for help with conversion of existing 9-track tapes to TAP disk images used by the emulator.

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